Elite Basketball Academy at Miami Beach

Highly-Motivated & Professional Coaches

Elite Basketball Academy was founded in 2010 with a mission to bring quality basketball skills training in a family-friendly environment to the youth in our communities.

Our coaching staff is developed and trained to provide a well-balanced learning experience for your child. All of the coaches on our staff are highly experienced and certified.

Over the years, we have helped youth athletes in our communities improve their skills and move on to play basketball in Division 1 & 2 programs, NAIA and Junior College.

​We are conveniently located at St. Patricks School at 3700 Garden Ave, Miami Beach, Florida 33140.



Over a Decade of Expertise



Athletes Trained

Basketball Skills Development

Ball Handling

Lean how to control and manipulate the ball through dribbling, passing, and maintaining possession.


Master your dribbling technique while moving and allowing players to advance and evade defenders.


Master your stance, grip, hand placement, release and follow through to make your shots every time!


Learn how to skillfully mix passing, shooting, and movement to outsmart the defense and put points on the board.


Learn how to make it difficult for the opponent to score and create turnovers to regain possession of the ball.


Master the fundamentals of rebounding by learning the skills such as boxing out, timing, and communication when playing in the paint.

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Location Information

Address: 3700 Garden Ave, Miami Beach, Florida 33140

Practice Schedule:

Friday: 1st through 5th Grade: 6pm-7pm
Friday: 6th through 12th Grade: 7pm-8pm

Saturday: 1st through 5th Grade: 11am-12pm
Saturday: 6th through 12th Grade: 12pm-1pm

Program Pricing


  • Practice 1x a Week


  • Practice 2x a Week

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